Comprehensive Review of the Cinematic Treat, ‘Gold’


The realm of cinema never ceases to amaze us with unique stories and fascinating presentations. One such marvelous addition is the captivating movie, Gold. This article offers a detailed analysis of the movie to unravel its cinematic beauty and dramatic essence, and provide a comprehensive review of ‘Gold’.

Synopsis of the Plot

‘Gold’ takes the audiences back to the post-colonial period when India was just exploring its identity as a newly independent country. The film, fueled with intense patriotism, presents a heart-warming portrayal of a team’s journey to win a gold medal in hockey, breaking free from the chains of oppression.

Screenplay Analysis

The stark screenplay beautifully sews each scene together, binding the viewer in its commanding narrative. Despite this, a strong sense of suspense is maintained, ensuring viewers’ suspenseful fascination.

The Brilliance of Cinematography

The film’s cinematography stands as a testament to the unparalleled potential of Indian cinema. The choice of locations, camera angles, lighting, and special effects intricately weave together to immerate the viewers in the authentic world of post-colonial India.

Depiction of Characters

The film presents a plethora of characters, each marked with distinct qualities and styles; the audacious manager Tapan, the robust yet soft-hearted player Imtiaz, and the diligent team assistant Samrat. Their detailed depiction lends credence to the plot, making the journey more immersive.


Akshay Kumar, as the bold, and somewhat eccentric Tapan Das, delivers a stunning performance. His expressive face, coupled with pitch-perfect dialogue delivery, makes him a joy to watch on-screen. Performances by Amit Sadh, Kunal Kapoor, and Sunny Kaushal also add the much-needed substance to their roles.

The Spirit of Patriotism

‘Gold’ exudes a strong sense of patriotism. The film effectively uses the sport of hockey as a symbolic representation of the struggles and triumphs of independent India. The winning of the Gold medal on international soil becomes less about the sport and more about the newfound pride and unity of the nation.

Impactful Dialogues

A notable brilliance of ‘Gold’ is its dialogues. Each dialogue resonates a profoundness that conveys emotions ineffably. They are not mere conversations between characters, instead, they manifest the internal conflicts, desires, aspirations, and perseverance of every player, coach, and person associated with the team.

Music and Background Score

The music and the background score of ‘Gold’ deserve a special mention. Each song and every beat enhances the atmospheric mood of the movie, intensifying the emotions of the scene brilliantly.

Editing and Direction

The editing of the movie is smooth and keeps the pace of the story consistent. Reema Kagti’s direction is commendable as she paints a vivid and realistic picture of the time, transforming a historic event into an immersive cinematic experience.


‘Gold’ stands as an indelible mark in the annals of Indian cinema. Its phenomenal story-telling, coupled with brilliant performances, binds the audience in its vibrant world of dreams, struggle, and ultimate glory. By portraying a dramatic slice of the nation’s history through the medium of sports, it ignites a deeply rooted emotion of pride and unity amongst viewers, making it an unforgettable watch.

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